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Here are some common questions and answers.


will the dj play requests ?

Yes, of course. As long as that being requested is not something the bride and groom said they do not want!

what about music for the ceremony and cocktail hour ?

We have options for both – from classical guitarists to violinists for the ceremony to acoustic duo or trios for the cocktail hour. This includes having any song of your choice performed live for the walk down the isle – a memorable experience!

can our guests play the bongos ?

THEY CERTAINLY CAN – it’s something we offer and is so much fun. Not only that it’s hilarious to watch as people just get lost on those drums. Have a look at our gallery and you’ll see what we mean 🙂

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will the band get the dance floor cranking ?

We play a range of tracks and watch the dance floor like a hawk, to see what works for your guests and follow that path, adding fat percussion grooves, live saxophone and live vocals. We also invite guests to play the bongos AND take percussion onto the dancefloor. This all adds up to party mayhem – hands in the air style. Have a look at our gallery, you’ll see what we mean 🙂

What do we need to provide for the band ?

All we need is a band meal for each of our performers!! It’s also good to know who the MC is, but we make sure of that.

How many hours is the band booked for at our wedding?

Usually we are booked for 5 hours, setting up before your guests arrive and putting on some laid back background tunes as you enter the reception. This creates a great atmosphere and sets the scene for what is about to come!

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can we set the band up in the back garden ?

Absolutely! As long as our bands are covered with a marquee or similar then it’s all go (in case of rain). Parties outside can have a great atmosphere, especially on a balmy night.

how much room does the band take up ?

We can squeeze into a pretty small space, and are used to doing so to allow for as much room for dancing as possible. Having a DJ is a great way of space saving – our trio Drumology is a lot easier to accommodate than a 5 piece band with a drum set, etc.

is the band flexible if we change the run sheet ?

We are super flexible. It’s common for events not to run exactly to plan. We communicate with the MC or otherwise to make sure we are aware of the run of events. When the plan changes we move with it –  it’s common and not a problem.

can the singer sing my bridal song ?

Our vocalists are experts. We love to see the bride and groom dancing to live vocals – there is nothing better. Let us know what song you would like and we will tell you if it’s possible (usually easy to accommodate).

Can the band play past the booking time?

We can play past the booking time, which often happens at house parties. We charge a set rate and can provide that info when we know what performers you have booked.

Can we just book a bongo player (we already have a DJ) ?

Yes, we advise it! A DJ alone is good but the difference a percussionist makes is enormous. It bridges the gap between the band and your guests, adds a huge amount of energy to the dance floor and gets everyone charged up! Plus YOUR GUESTS will also get a chance to play the bongos – have a look at our gallery, you’ll see what we mean 🙂